Anglo African weekly news wrap on trending cyber-attacks, to keep you alert

October 18, 2018

Are Companies turning to Recruiters to help them with the Talent Shortage in Cyber Security? There has been huge growth in the search for recruitment agencies specialising in Cybersecurity. A study conducted by technology recruitment company, Finlay James has identified a 93% increase year on year in people searching for cybersecurity recruitment and related terms in Google. The news comes after the ISC anticipated a worldwide shortage of 1.8 million cyber security professionals by 2022 but the lack of skills to tackle cybercrime is already causing problems.

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The alarming rate of crypto-jacking attacks ravaging the internet has been a cause of worry as the trend keeps gaining momentum. Two months ago, over 170,000 computers were surreptitiously used in manufacturing malware scripts in Brazil, with another report indicating a similar trend in Moldova where 25,000 MikroTik routers were used in running CoinHive scripts. Trustwave researcher, Troy Mursch has attempted to draw a parallel between these two attacks but it is unknown whether they were actually connected. The latest attack was witnessed in India, where almost 30,000 MikroTik routers have been infected with CoinHive according to report released via Banbreach’s twitter handle.

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Malaysia needs to be on par with global legislation on data protection such as GDPR, said Minister Gobind Singh Deo at a recent conference.Malaysia plans to update its data protection laws next year, possibly modelling it after the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as the country seeks to prevent data breaches, according to local media.

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A malicious app called “Album by Google Photos” was found in the Microsoft Store today that pretends to be from Google. This app pretends to be part of Google Photos, but is actually an ad clicker that repeatedly opens hidden advertisements in Windows 10. This free Album by Google Photos app claims to be created by Google LLC and has a description of “Finally, a photos app that’s as smart as you.”.  You can see an image of its Microsoft Store page below.

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Just like clockwork, another weekend is over and Monday is here again. To lighten the load, El Reg is offering you the latest instalment of Who, Me?, our weekly sysadmin confessional column. This time we meet “Romeo”, who was working at a large music company in London at the time in question. It was his first job for a big multinational and the firm had just been hit by the I Love You virus that crippled systems all over Europe back in 2000.

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