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September 6, 2018

Ungagged Google warns users about FBI accessing their accounts: Dozens of people say they’ve received an email from Google informing them that the FBI has been sniffing around for information on their accounts. Now that a gag order has been lifted, the company is able to “disclose the receipt of the legal process” to any affected users, Google said.

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Human error top cause of self-reported data breaches: New research from the security firm Kroll has revealed that self-reported data breaches are seven times more likely to be caused by human error than by hackers.

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Protecting patient data from cyber-attack: In recent years, healthcare organisations around the globe have increasingly come under fire from sophisticated cyber-attacks, compromising the security of private patient data and damaging public trust in healthcare institutions. From the WannaCry attack which saw mass disruption across NHS England to the theft of nearly 10,000 documents from 68 hospitals across the UK in 2017, protecting medical records has been firmly placed at the top of agendas for healthcare IT managers around the world.

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Cisco warns customers of critical security flaws, advisory includes Apache Struts: Cisco has issued a security advisory to customers detailing a swathe of critical and highly-rated vulnerabilities which have been resolved. The security advisory documents three critical vulnerabilities, 19 bugs rated “important,” and a number of medium-severity security flaws. One of the most serious bugs is a vulnerability impacting Apache Struts 2, which was publicly disclosed in August together with proof-of-concept (PoC) code.

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It’s a little over a week since a vulnerability in the Windows Task Scheduler was revealed. A patch for the 0-day has been released by third-party security firm 0patch, but there’s bad news for anyone who hasn’t secure their system against the security threat — malware writers are already taking advantage of the flaw.

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