Anglo African weekly news wrap on trending cyber-attacks, to keep you alert

July 27, 2018


The IT security researchers at cyber resilience firm Upguard discovered a massive trove of highly sensitive data publically available to be accessed by anyone. The data belonged to hundreds of automotive giants including Tesla, Ford, Toyota, GM, Fiat, ThyssenKrupp, and Volkswagen – Thanks to a publically exposed server owned by Level One Robotics, a Canadian firm providing industrial automation services.

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Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat facing a tough re-election fight, said Thursday that hackers aiming to steal staffers’ passwords failed to infiltrate her Senate office computers, an attempted breach that echoed high-profile thefts during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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A popular wireless security camera designed to safeguard businesses and homes was vulnerable to a spying hack.

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A vulnerability first detected and “resolved” years ago in Oracle’s Unix OS, Solaris, has resurfaced, necessitating a fix in Big Red’s latest quarterly patch batch.

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Human beings have long been the weakest link in an organization’s security chain, largely because they so often fall victim to phishing campaigns, and a new report from Mimecast, State of Email Security 2018, found that attackers continue to target end users with email-based attacks.

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Concern about ransomware is declining as the number of victims decreases in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, research by Barracuda Networks has revealed.

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A cryptographic bug affects the Bluetooth implementations and operating system drivers of Apple, Broadcom, Intel, Qualcomm, and possibly other hardware vendors.

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