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July 6, 2018

After entering a password, your regular computer keyboard might appear to look the same as always, but a new approach harvesting thermal energy can illuminate the recently pressed keys, revealing that keyboard-based password entry is even less secure than previously thought.

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For years people have suspected apps on their phone are listening to what they say after suddenly seeing ads for things they only spoke of but never searched for. But, as Gizmodo reports, researchers from Northeastern University who analyzed over 17,000 popular Android apps found that none of them activates the microphone and sends out audio without a user prompt.

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In collaboration with Microsoft, Ingram Micro Cloud UK commissioned market research firm YouGov to survey 1,000 workers employed by small and mid-size businesses with 50 to 250 employees in the UK, to understand what they want from the modern workplace and how well-placed businesses are to satisfying their requirements.

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According to its Top Six Security and Risk Management Trends, Gartner said that “business leaders are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact cybersecurity can have on business outcomes” and encouraged security leaders to harness this increased support and take advantage of its six emerging trends “to improve their organization’s resilience while elevating their own standing.”

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Homeland Security has served Twitter with a subpoena, demanding the account information of a data breach finder, credited with finding several large caches of exposed and leaking data.

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