Anglo African weekly news wrap on trending cyber-attacks, to keep you alert.

February 8, 2018

A secret part of Apple’s iPhone software has been posted online in a leak that could potentially allow hackers to find security holes in the smartphone.

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Researchers at IEEE have shown it is possible to track mobiles even when GPS and Wi-Fi are turned off, with some of the data collected without permission with smartphone manufactures deeming the information non-sensitive.

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A report by McAfee has revealed that the Winter Olympics has seen a rise in the number of Games-related malicious scams aimed at tricking web users into handing over details.

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A developer error resulted in a DDoS attack that was created out of the Lethic spambot which directed junk traffic requests to non-existent domains.

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Millions of smart TV’s are vulnerable to hackers according to latest Consumer Report with TCL and Roku TV smart TVs affected.

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