2015 sees release of 500 iOS and 250 Android games daily

March 13, 2015

Since the start of the Internet of things, consumers have seen lots of new ios and android apps being released in response to overwhelming demand – and this has just whetted their appetite while making them hungry for more. The year 2015 has already seen more than 500 iOS and 250 Android games being released daily. In this crowded marketplace, it is difficult to get games noticed, since there are so many choices available to consumers.


Get noticed in the crowd

On this note, publishers and developers are spending a lot of time to create games that stand out from the crowd. Mike Rose, who is a Talent Scout at tinybuild inc, explained how to get noticed in digital marketing. Among others, being creative enough and working hard to understand the consumer’s wants, helps in making your game get noticed.

The gaming marketplace is obviously very crowded when it comes to making things work effectively. The mobile platform is gaining increasing popularity but will the gaming apps made for iOS and Android find their place on the consumers market? According to Rose, the platform that gets more spotlight is the mobile gaming platform which companies uses as a means to reach leads that can be converted into sales.


Mobile vs console & PC

Indeed the way the Internet of things works, people need to be connected anywhere and anytime, which makes the mobile platform the most prominent among others. PC and consoles are good in their own way and can get additionally pushed by Youtube channels together with solid reviews to enable sales to grow.

Source: technobuffalo

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