Anglo African receives Special Mention of the Jury as an ‘overall winner’ at the PwC Corporate Reporting Awards 2016.

“If there was an overall category award, the Anglo African’s Integrated Report would have won it!”. This special mention of Jury added to the pride of winning the Best Non-Listed Public Interest Enterprises Award and that of coming as runner-up for the Best Online Reporting Award at the PwC Corporate Reporting Awards, held on 2nd March 2016.

Mr Michael Ho, the Master of Ceremony and Partner at PwC commented on our approach to Integrated Reporting <IR> : “The Anglo African <IR> was refreshing for the corporate world and makes Mauritius proud!”

“When the Board of Directors took the decision to start the corporate reporting journey, I proposed that Anglo African adopts the latest trend in corporate reporting which is the <IR> and I was very satisfied when the CEO and his team took this assignment at heart and delivered the first <IR> in Mauritius in line with the IIRC,” said Jean Claude Bega, Chairman.

Anglo African had published its Annual Report in the form of an Integrated Report <IR> which is the first one in Mauritius in compliance with the International Integrated Reporting Council, [IIRC] and elements of the King III Report, a major breakthrough.

<IR> is guided by the IIRC framework and ensures that the Integrated Thinking process is “Forward Looking” – providing insights into its organisational strategy and how it relates to our ability to create value in the short, medium and long term and its use of and effects on the Six Capitals, [Human, Financial, Social, Intellectual, Manufactured and Natural]. It also needs to be easily readable and understandable – hence the full version is available on; a Print and PDF version containing all the material issues and a concise version on Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.

Why <IR>? “Corporate Reporting is traditionally prioritized towards the shareholders or meeting regulatory requirements. In our case, Shareholders, Banks or Regulatory Authorities were not our priority stakeholders. Our Customers, Our Business Partners, Our Employees, Governments, Co-Investors, amongst others, were!”, explains Sanjeev Manrakhan, CEO.

Having been at the origin of a number of disruptions in the Information Technology, [IT] field with deployment of projects such as Mobile Banking, SmartHotels, Government Cloud, Cyber-Risk Management, Big Data Analytics on the technology side and an aggressive African expansion to 6 countries – Anglo African felt that it was important that it remains true to its DNA of “Disruption and Integrity”. “We therefore took the decision to push the <IR> for Anglo African to its limit and the benefits were unexpected!”, adds Sanjeev Manrakhan.

Unexpected as Anglo African is now reaping the benefits as the more integrated thinking is embedded into its activities, the more naturally, the connectivity of information flow into management reporting, analysis and decision-making materialises. It has led to better integration of the information systems that support internal and external reporting and communication, between the head office and our subsidiaries abroad. “As an important player in the IT and Innovation space, we are really excited of having received the Award and Nomination which gives us the confidence that the thought process and its implementation are on the right track”, he stated.

On behalf of our Chairman, our Board of directors, our Team, we would like to thank the Jury and PwC for having rewarded our small contribution to the long Corporate Reporting journey resulting in the highest level of corporate governance for our country.


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