Retail innovation: revamping the shopping experience landscape

November 4, 2016

Almost everywhere in the world shopping centers are currently revamping or downsizing to survive. Their future may not include stores as we know today, but more pop-up retailers showcasing their products or services and the use of mobile and digital technology to enhance the in-store experience.

Most people are no longer satisfied with simply buying goods and services. They expect engaging experiences and at the same time want shopping to be fun. It is of great time for the shopping malls in Mauritius to catch up with the latest technology to provide customers with a better experience as well as to increase their efficiency and profitability. Of course the first one to grasp digital transformation will have competitive advantages as consumers are always eager for innovation.

The new happenings in retail industry

It is very tiring to go shopping at a physical mall, not to mention that most malls aren’t centrally located. Most stores in these malls have their own online shop and nothing is connected, apart from being at one location competing against each other.

Retailers must use social commerce techniques and technologies for customer-facing sales initiatives. The customer journey begins       with Facebook, Twitter, price-comparison websites, etc. The fact is that a consumer has multiple digital connections with the retailer.

Social commerce creates new customer segments and drives sales because it is used in more cost-effective digital channels. Gartner research shows that social media content has a direct positive impact on physical retail stores as well as digital channels,

The amazing offering of digital malls 

Digital Malls would offer retailers and manufacturers access to shoppers in many additional distribution channels, with no or low labor costs. Digital Malls could be indoor or outdoor, stationary or mobile—an always-available shopping area or an exciting temporary installation at a major event—in a fun, highly graphic, branded environment.

Within Digital Malls, the next generation of virtual stores could offer an array of retailers as well as entertainment using gesture technology, 3D, or augmented reality to create an immersive shopping experience. And the next generation of micro-markets could offer immediate-need general merchandise and convenient services such as dry cleaning machines and remote banking.

Cisco IBSG estimates that Digital Malls could be a US$7 billion revenue opportunity across thousands of high-traffic venues, with payback of investment in two years or less.

Current retail innovation happening worldwide – changing the way you shop

  • In Denmark, supermarket crowdsources suggestions for local products – As concerns grow over food air miles, and more consumers want to buy local, SuperBrugsen in Denmark has come up with a novel way of ensuring that the produce they stock will appeal to eco-minded consumers. Through their website, customers can suggest particular local items they would like the store to stock, after which managers will taste-test the items to ensure their quality.
  • Mobile app lets retail store shoppers skip the checkout lines – QThru recognised when they developed their app, which allows shoppers to browse, scan and buy products all through their phone. Skipping the queues is an appealing prospect
  • Brazilian fashion retailer displays Facebook ‘likes’ for items in its real-world stores – By displaying Facebook ‘likes’ on small screens embedded in articles’ hangers, the retailers showed the increasing tally of ‘likes’ different items of clothing were receiving from web users.

Shopping malls in Mauritius should consider the need to revamp shopping experience. As the island is targeting more and more tourist, shopping centers should uphold their services to meet the expectations of their clients.

Digital technologies therefore offer the chance for individualized, tailored, accelerated and more effective services to customers . If you want to know about the power of digital transformation, Anglo African team can help you,  do contact Naazreen on 2331636 or via e-mail at

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